Wood Talk Online No. 54

April 30, 2009

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What’s on the Bench?
Marc finally finish up the Hall Frame article and the Barbecue Cart for the Better Homes & Gardens 48-hr Blog Challenge. With an impending move and a new shop build on the horizon, its a busy time in the Spagnuolo house. Matt recently attended a class with “The Schwarz” and tells us all about it.

Around the Web:
The Saw Dust Chronicles 30 Day Challenge

Woodworkers Safety Week 2009 starts Monday.
Don’t keep your chargers plugged in: Tool Crib article

Registration for Woodworking in America starts tomorrow!!!
Furniture Construction and Design Aug. 14-16 in St Charles, IL
Hand Tools and Techniques Oct. 2-4 Valley Forge, PA
Register NOW!

Zach wrote in and asked:
“I just recently began listening to your show, so if a similar question has already been asked, I apologize. Anyway, I’m very new to woodworking and I’ve become a bit discouraged as of late when I’m working on a project and things don’t really come out as I had planned, or I just flat out destroy something. So, did either of you guys experience anything like that or do I just really need to slow down and think things through more?”

Jimmy from Sweden wrote in and asked:
“Please ask your European fans if there is an good online store for woodworkers in Europe.
I am trying to get an hold of a combination blade from Freud for an 30mm arbor with no luck.”

No Name – Outdoor wood recommendations.
Roberto – Refinishing a gun stock.

Editor’s Tip:
Cheap chisel protectors.

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