Wood Talk Online No. 61

October 28, 2009

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Questions or Comments?You can get a hold of us by either dropping us an email at woodtalkonline@gmail.com or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450.

What’s on the Workbench?
Marc – Just finished the Wall-Hanging Tool Chest for the Guild.
Matt – installed his bandsaw riser block…wow that’s tall!

Norm is retiring!! Woodworking Magazine interview with Russ Morash, producer of the New Yankee Workshop.

International Dress Like Norm Day
In honor of Norm Abram, the folks at Woodworking Magazine and Popular Woodworking are asking all Norm fans to dress like the man, take a photo of yourself in costume and send it to me by midnight Monday, Nov. 2, at chris.schwarz@fwmedia.com. The person who sends in the best photo (as determined by our staff), will win a great prize.

Magazine Roundup:
Matt’s Pick: A Woodworker’s Journal article on green finishing by Micael Dresdner.
Marc’s Picks: Fine Woodworking’s “How to Design Furniture” book/magazine thingie and The “Build or Buy” article in the latest issue of Popular Woodworking.

Around the Web:
A couple cool iPhone Apps to try out- ID Wood and Boardfeet
Official website for Splinter “the car”- check out the veneer loom and more
Skateboards from fallen limbs and axes

Holiday Project Templates at Eagle America – Get ’em while they’re hot!

PBS’s The Router Workshop Video Series ($4.00 for each month)
You will receive one episode per week of the Router Workshop. There are 183 episodes in this video library.

An Interesting Scenario to ponder:
17yr old kid wants to be a woodworker. Already has some shop experience and is showing great potential. Does he aim for a woodworking school or business school?
Listen to the show to hear advice from your fellow woodworkers, as well as the staff of Popular Woodworking.

Magazine Website Roundup (Pt. 2):

User-generated videos
How to Videos from the Wood Magazine Editors
Free tool demos
Over 100 Pay-per Download titles
Free Weekly Newsletter (no sales pitches)
More than 1 woodworking plans for sale in the Wood Store
A comprehensive index of every article that has appeared in WOOD magazine

Woodworker’s Journal Offerings (Rob Johnstone – Editor in Chief, and don’t you forget it!)
eZine (an online woodworking magazine emailed every two weeks)
There’s also two other sites of interest: WomeninWoodworking and FreePlans.com.
In addition to these websites, they also offer a fully digital version of the print magazine with supplemental digital content.
Of course there’s also an online store selling back issues, downloadable digital plans, books, CDs.
And they also have a blog page with Chris Marshall as it’s main blogger. But all of the staff at one point or another use from time to time.

It Came from the Forum:
Woodworking in the Cold

Roberto has a great question concerning planer/jointer blades: to sharpen or to buy?

Tom’s Tip (TomsWorkbench.com): BBQ’s make great mobile carts?!?!
Village Carpenter’s Tip: (Village Carpenter): Dental tools, for more than just torture!

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  1. Handi says:


    I’m kinda in the wind here… I’ve not been to the Woodtalk online in awhile, I went to the Live just a few minutes ago. 8:10p and it’s not going on, I think it was at 8 or 9, but you guys Recorded it said Oct 27, that was on a Tuesday.

    So did you move Woodtalk Online to Tuesdays? or was it just one of them things when the both of you was able to get together?


  2. Handi says:


    Oh and for the record. ROFL…

    The guys at The Router Workshop are pretty damn Cool, I watched them all the time, They show how to rip Lumber and build all kinds of stuff with just a router.

    A Valuable tool if you can’t afford to have a table saw, you can use your router to cut your lumber and ply just like a table saw.

    Anyway, thought i would toss that out to you and give you a hard time after i listened to the WTO lol


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