Wood Talk Online No. 63

December 5, 2009

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What’s on the Bench?

Marc’s gearing up for round 2 of shop upgrades, including new garage doors, blown-in cellulose, and an A/C unit. Matt finished up a child’s dresser. Only 2 months late!

David Marks live interview on Monday Dec. 7th. Join the Guild today!
David’s Bandsawn Veneers DVD
Super FMT from Leigh Jigs

Around the Web:
Not your father’s turntables! Audiowood.com
Our listener Angus Pitt sent us a link to WoodGears.com: a neat little website with some interesting articles.
Forget hand carved Christmas ornaments, check these out!

It Came From the Forum:
Rob Lopez wants recommendations for a good combination tablesaw blade. Join the discussion!

Jess- Rocking Chair plans?
Charles Brock’s Plan
Hal Taylor’s Plan
Eric-Refinishing pricing?
Mark-Durable Table Top Finish?
Behlen’s Table Top Varnish

Bud made a modern workbench utilizing the strength of the torsion box. NO hardwood.
Danny wants to know how to properly finish oily exotic woods, like cocobolo.

Tom’s Tip: (TomsWorkbench.com)
A great tip for consistent sanding.
Village Carpenter’s Tip:(VillageCarpenter.Blogspot.com)
Kari suggests you get your whittle on!

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Wood Slicer resaw bandsaw blade

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