Wood Talk Online No. 65

January 7, 2010

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What’s on the Bench:

Marc’s finishing up his prep for the upcoming William Ng classes. Matt is building some bookcases is at the point of assembly. And now he’s got a waiting list for his work!

Merging of Woodworking Magazine and Popular Woodworking Magazine!

Around the Web:
Great article sent in from David J. Ulschmid at WispWoods: Undervaluing Yourself and How to Stop

New Yankee Online

FWW and Highland Woodworking’s “New Year’s Sweepstakes”

LumberJock’s Winter Awards

Sweet Deals:
Get some sweet Toughguy workpants and donate your old ones. Check out WoodWerks on Jan 15th for more details.

Highland Woodworking has Free ground shipping on Festool machines. Limited to within in the lower 48 states

Woodcraft – Save 15% On All Rob Cosman DVDs Now Through January 30, 2010

Woodcraft online coupons

It Came From the Forum:
Win a Free Leigh Super FMT!!!

Bo in Syracuse needs advice on a starter set of chisels.
Chuck in Wisconsin wants to know what he should buy, a skewed block plane or a rabbet block plane.
Johnny NoName asks about sandpaper grits across brands.
A few helpful articles concerning sandpaper: Sandpaper 101, Sandpaper Grades

Toms Tip: A nifty way to remove splinters
Kari’s Tip: Waterstone holders.

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