Wood Talk Online No. 76

October 29, 2010

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What’s on the Bench:
Marc – Working on the advent calendar and the hinges for the small doors.
Matt – Finally finished up the buffet.
Shannon – The Hand Tool School is in session!

The Rough Cut Show: discussing the impact of the show and the reaction on the web.

From the Forum:
Start Your Christmas List
Kid-Proofing Your Shop
The Stanley #80

Steve – Finishing with Arm-R-Seal on soft maple.
A Simple Varnish Finish DVD
Eli – Pore-filling wenge and shellac that won’t dry.
Jeremy – Comments on bevel up/down

Tom’s Tip (TomsWorkbench.com) – Dollar Store plastic containers keep things organized.

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  1. Charles Israel says:

    First time listener to the wood-talk-online (#76) program. A quick wade-in and will not bring up subject again:

    IPTV (Iowa Public TV) just began airing the “Norm Replacement” program. I watched the program with my wife this Saturday (topic was a Lazy Susan with inlay) and discussed at completion.

    Have viewed TMac website for some time and found it very informative (camera sometimes not well used, but not a pro machine or operator) and the projects/techniques noteworthy.

    Lazy Susan program was great. A lot of things were skipped, but I have done veneering and have a vacuum press so could “fill in” some of the missing parts.

    Techniques using the table saw I have “seen”, but never tried. Found these useful — if I am very careful.

    I will watch the program. Tommy is not a Norm replacement and I do not believe the producers intended for this to be the case. Tommy is “TChisel” and no one else. Too, the camera work is far better!

    As Marc pointed out, TV is NOT the internet. The use of electronic media has changed how the customer obtains information so violently in recent years. Virtually all standard media outlets are struggling to adapt –rather, just survive. What a person says not only appears around the world in moments, but is available for retrieval years in the future with but a few mouse clicks.

    My limited woodworking skills have improved via the internet, but most credit is still due to relationships with individuals possessing better skills and willing to teach them. The screen cannot replace flesh.

    We now have all kinds of virtual teachers available via a computer hook-up or DVD. Some offered on a fee basis and others for “free” download (let us face it, NOTHING is free! Someone is paying for the bandwidth, storage, production, etc. and people are making money for it to continue — Capitalism at it’s finest).

    Norm and Morash made money. Delta and PorterCable made money from the new hobbyists purchasing equipment. If not, Yankee Workshop would have died a quick death. But it did not and woodworking in general is better for that success. Norm started many and some of those new woodworkers have moved “beyond Norm”.

    This is wishing WoodCraft and T Mac a good relationship.

  2. Dave says:

    Thats an hour of time I will never get back…….You should be paying me for this. Matt I love your stuff but these other two guys……..are actually calling themselves professionals? Wow, talk about taking advantage of people who just don’t know any better.

    • Matt says:

      I can’t really complain too much about this email, you at least liked listening to me in the conversation LOL!!! Sorry you didn’t enjoy the rest of the show as much.

    • _funk says:

      You’re right Dave.. they’re not professionals.. they’re above that. Professionals are generally only able to do a skill or craft at an extremely high proficiency. Having these three being able to educate folk does put them above being just “professional”. Good catch! 😉

  3. Marc says:

    haha, hey Dave. Your refund check is on the way my friend. Just stand outside and keep waiting for it. Oh and just an FYI, I don’t believe either one of us ever called ourselves “professionals” on the show. But, I do believe we both know quite a bit about woodworking. If you’d ever like to go toe to toe on woodworking knowledge, I’m sure we’d both be happy to oblige. Anyway, keep it miserable buddy. 🙂 Oh and while you’re here, you forgot to say something negative about Tom and Kari, cause I’m pretty sure those “professionals” suck too. At least he got one thing right, “MATT IS AWESOME!!!”

  4. Tom says:

    Dave… try the decaf. It tastes just as good as the regular stuff, but won’t leave you with that jittery hater feeling….

  5. Kerry Drake says:

    How exactly is anyone being taken advantage of? Did you PAY to listen to the show?

  6. Shannon says:

    aren’t you supposed to make money to be a professional? Did I miss something? Marc and Matt I want a new contract!! Thanks for highlighting this gross discrepancy Dave.

  7. Haven Tom says:

    Hey Dave. Why did you listen for the full hour if you wasn’t happy? You clearly have too much time on your hands. You need a hobby…

  8. Bill says:

    Free, and the information is “priceless”. (Not a paid endorsement)

  9. Dyami says:

    I’m not sure who you’re comparing Marc & Shannon to in calling them non-professional. The only aspect of their work that I feel betrays the fact that they do more than just produce woodwork for a living is that they do not choose speed over quality as many professionals do.

  10. Woodcanuck says:

    It’s all because they don’t use a “biscuit joinah” to make “draaahhs”. All professionals use these things. I don’t know how I’ve been duped for so long….Matt at least paid me off…the others, I don’t know…wait! Don’t I pay them? DAMN!!!!

    That’s it, I’m going off to put some paint on my cherry ahhmmwah (armoire) to feel better.

  11. dave,

    been trying to think of something witty to say but all i can think is dude uncool. thats fine if you have an opinion thats stupid but have some class. saying marc and shannon aren’t professional, have you not listened to the show before now? they clown around a bit but are very adept in woodworking. what exactly are your credentials to make the claim you do? be careful what you ask for anyhow i asked for a refund and that bag of airline peanuts i got in the mail were stale. seriously guys how long had that bag been sitting around 1980!

    Joe ‘truly unprofessional clown’ Watson

  12. David (aka ProtectedVoid) says:

    Wow, @Dave. I’ve never understood people that complain about free podcasts, especially ones that are educational or informative. I get that you might not agree with something that’s said, or maybe you were disappointed because you expected something more…but insulting the guys that do this and make it available for free? That’s just low, — rather no, class.

    That being said, I would like to share a few neat tricks I’ve learned over the years with you, if you’ll oblige me. These have served me well.

    When listening to or watching anything online, there’s this almost magical feature available to you to immediately express your frustration, without the need for insulting and immature comments. It’s typically available in the upper right corner of your screen, and almost always resembles an “X”. If you click on this magical feature, the source of your frustration and annoyance immediately disappears. It’s totally gratifying. You should give it a try sometime.

    Afterall, how many other frustrations and annoyances in life can disappear at the click of a button? I’m telling you, it’s absolutely magical.

    Some other features, of a slightly less magical nature, are usually available. These are buttons with little symbols on them. There’s one with a square that when pressed, instantly stops whatever you’re watching or listening to. Then there’s another button, that looks like an = sign that’s been rotated clockwise 90°. Click that, and again, the noise magically stops. This is very similar to the button with the square, except that instead of completely killing the noise and moving pictures, it just “freezes” them in place. If you click it again, the noise and moving pictures will resume. Magical!!!!

    The real fun, though, are two little buttons that have « and » on them (left and right double arrows). These two buttons allow you to time travel. Seriously, it’s so very cool. If you press the « button, you are instantly transported back in time! You can see and hear the same thing over and over again. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can use the » button. Again, you are instantly transported into the future! Just like Michael J. Fox at the end of Back to the Future. It’s no joke, you instantly get to miss the sounds and sights that you would otherwise have to suffer through. I’m telling you, the people behind this stuff must be wizards or gods!

    Lastly, and this is the ultimate of ultimates right here…there’s this little circle or oblong shaped button, with no symbols, that looks like it’s riding on a rail road track. This gives you total dominion over time and space. Yes, my friend, this little button elevates you to the status of the gods. You can instantly control your own fate. How far into the future or past you travel is completely up to you. It’s better than warp speed, my friend!

    Anyway, seeing as you were so cranky, frustrated, and annoyed, I thought I’d share these few magical and wondrous tips with you. I think you’ll find them so grand, you’ll start a campaign to have them named the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th wonders of the world!

    Good Day!

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