Wood Talk Online No. 83

April 19, 2011

On today’s show, we have a special live episode for you where all the topics come directly from the community either from the forum, from emails or from voicemails. We’ll be discussing card scrapers, sharpening with sandpaper, planing narrow boards, paring with the bevel down, and deciding between storing your lumber in the garage or in the basement.

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Poll of the Week:

Provided by Tomsworkbench.com
Do You Use a Card Scraper When Preparing Projects for Finishing?
I’ll use it occasionally: 49 votes
Every project: 48 votes
I’ll break it out for tricky to smooth pieces: 46 votes
What’s a card scraper?: 18 votes
Only when there’s no other choice: 6 votes
I would never use one: 6 votes

William Ng’s Sharpening Method


Erin has a question about sharpening.


Julien wants to know if its ok to pare with the chisel bevel down. He also asks for advice on his planing technique. Shannon recommend this article from Kari Hultman. Julien recently did a tutorial on cutting dovetails and you can check that out here.

Jim is trying to decide whether to store his lumber in his garage or in the basement in his shop.

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