Wood Talk Online No.49

January 21, 2009

Status Report:
Matt has been pushing piles of dust around his shop just for fun, and he has finally started playing with Google Sketchup. Aaron in the chat room recommends Go-To-School.com. Marc also mentioned signing up for classes with Andy Chidwick and Darrell Peart at the William Ng School.

Marc is also now making a steamer trunk for Duane. If you are interested in donating: American Cancer Society.

Around the Web:
Popular Woodworking has gone digital – subscribers to the magazine can now thumb through the magazine online, clip and save articles for later reading and even share a page or two with non subscriber friends.

Matt’s new website.

International Builders Show is this week (Jan. 20th-23rd) in Las Vegas.
Woodworkers Journal is covering the event extensively. Check out their video blog. And you can subscribe to their Twitter Updates too.

No major topic this week, but I show everyone my new toy, the Leg Up from the makers of the Gorilla Gripper.

Congrats to BD for winning a Wood Whisperer Guild 6-month membership!

We finish up with a very special Tom’s Tip about using screws. What’s that have to do with toilet bowls? You’ll have to listen to find out.

We finish the show with a number of chat room questions.

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  1. Handi says:

    I’ve only seen a little of this, I’m going to wait when the server isn’t so loaded to watch it.. Got quite a lag watching it, Missing Frames and Skipping Video…

    I had one question thou… I may be attempting to do a Video and an Audio Podcast myself… What do you use to Record your Audio and where do you store your Audio with the Links and all to your Site?

    I convert all of my Videos to MOV “Quicktime” so I can reach my iTunes Account, I wouldn’t mind eventually doing one with Audio.


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