Wood Talk Online No.50

February 11, 20093 Comments

What’s on the Bench?
Marc’s putting the final touches on the steamer trunk while waiting for hardware to come in. Matt recently used dye to match some existing stain in a project using a different species of wood altogether. He also signed up for a hand planing class at Marc Adams School being taught by Chris Schwarz & Thomas Lie-Nielsen.

Around the Web:
Malcom Tibbits – Tahoe Turner- Amazing segmented turnings. Check out his instructional DVD’s.
Sketchup for Woodworkers– Sketchup tutorials specifically for woodworkers.

deltaCheck out this great old Delta Ad submitted by Collin. This came from an issue of Popular Science Magazine from 1936!

Free download (PDF) of “An Axe to Grind: A Practical Ax Manual” from the U.S. Forest Service

Dude Craft – just a lot of fun and he mentioned us a while ago!

Of course the big news is that Popular Woodworking is now part of Wood Talk Online. Awesome!

From Woodworking-news.com Newsletter – Ryobi corded circular saws sold at Home Depot between October -November 08 being recalled for safety reasons.

LumberJocks Winter award winners announced.

Clarification on previous mention of Popular Woodworking’s Digital Magazine – Available only to subscribers of the print version. Click here.

Shannon wants to know the difference between Seal-a-Cell and Arm-r-Seal. Pete wants to know whether he should sharpen his blades past 8 on a leather strop. We get opinions from Chris Schwarz and Glen Huey.

Tom’s Tip: How to score a good deal on lumber!

Editor’s Tip: Sharpen on the pull stroke only.

Interview with Chuck Bender from the Acanthus Workshop

Congratulations to our giveaway winners as well!

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  1. Handi says:

    Darn it, I forgot about it again. I managed to make it to one of the Woodtalk Online Segments, but I seem to forget about the other ones.

    Oh well, I guess that’s why it’s recordered for the ones that miss it, or don’t have time to attend lol.

    I’ve not had a Chance to review it yet. And I did also hear from a Previous email from PW that it’s a Proud SPonsor of WTO now..

    That’s some Great news… Congratulations…


  2. elmer kreisel says:

    Where do I find the shop notes or show notes?

  3. elmer kreisel says:

    Where do I find the Shop notes or show notes? Thanks

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