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July 25, 2012

Fresh off our 100th episode it’s time to get behind the microphones and started on the next hundred! On today’s episode we had nothing really planned out and decided to just go out on a wing and a prayer. The result? Listen for yourself and let us know.


On the bench:
Shannon: finished up the corner cabinet, thinking about a tool tote a la Underhill.

Matt: Tried out the new shop layout with good results…but somehow lost his saws before they ever got in the shop!

Marc: The shop is taking shape before our very eyes…literally! But Marc went looking for a little reminder of why it is he loves woodworking.

Around the Web:
Greg DiMarzio sent in this link to nifty little workbench with an unique twist Jack-Bench

David Marks has a new marquetry DVD “Double Bevel Marquetry”.

Sent in by Vic, this link takes us to a website all about “Drums” but it’s not a link to playing them, it’s all great information about ALL KINDS OF GLUES! It’s a fantastic resource for understanding and using the right glue in your next project. PDGood’s Builder’s Manual.

ToolSelect.com has a great contest going on right now the “Create-your-own-video-contest”
-1st prize winner will be sitting on a huge amount of new DeWalt 20V power tools. For more information visit their Facebook Page.

James AKA WalnutWeasel: opinion on making 2.75” square legs, glue up or solid?

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