Wood Talk Online Radio No. 90

October 27, 2011

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Today’s topic is holiday gifts. What we like to make, what people seem to enjoy, and even some of our gift-giving blunders.


Marc, Matt & Shannon,

Chris has been hard at work starting up the Modern Woodworker’s Association (Tom and I are trying to assist).

The group and site are still young, but we’re trying to leverage online woodworking friends into personal woodworking friends though local get-togethers. We’re currently looking to flush out the site (modernwoodworkersassociation.com) with an about page, a mission statement, more posts and probably local chapters.

The draft mission statement we’re working under is: We all belong to a woodworking club, the online woodworking club. The Modern Woodworkers Association is a place for the online woodworking community to reinforce our online connections and create personal ones in local gatherings.

Even though we’re not fully flushed out, it you guys would be kind enough to spread the word on WTO, we’d really appreciate it.


Dyami Plotke

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  1. David says:

    Hey, Matt. Just started listening to this episode on the way home from work. I have a 30 min commute, to these shows give me a couple days worth of good driving entertainment. I really enjoy the WTO show and each time I listen, I’m reminded to come over and check out your site. Thanks for making my drive tolerable ;).

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