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May 10, 2012

On the show today, Marc and Shannon fly solo without my help. Hopefully all of you don’t start requesting this kind of format more often!

Topics on the show this time around include whether you can save money by building your own furniture, Jeff Miller’s new jigs for hand tool work, and a few topics pushed back from last week’s show including how to make a rule joint and long-term tool storage.

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Jeff Miller’s Jigs for hand tools Jeff Miller’s new jigs are designed to make the process of creating a mortise and tenon with hand tools quick, easy, and accurate. Matt and Shannon discuss whether or not elaborate jigs have a place in the hand tool shop.


Nathan – Can you save money by building your own furniture?
John – How to make a rule joint?
MLCS Woodworking Rule Joint
WoodSmith Shop Rule Joint

Roberto – What do I use to protect my tools during long-term storage.
Cosmoline or Ballistol

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  1. George Newberry says:

    I think Shannon should listen to Woodtalk 97 and review his comments on hand tool jigs. He sounds like a hand tool snob. Where would be if people didn’t always try to come up with a better way to do things. You can be a ludide, but I have njo interest in listening to that kind of thing. I would remind Shannon about his use of Easy Wood Tiools for turning. If jigs make woodworking fun or possible for someone with fewer physical skilsl, to quote Shannon “why not?”

  2. Shannon says:


    You have a point. I listened again and admit to cringing a bit. Wasn’t my intention but it sure comes across that way. Thanks for bringing it up.

  3. David says:

    Good show. I miss Matt though. Come back soon buddy!!!

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