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June 15, 2012

In today’s episode the guys answer listeners’ emails & voicemails that have been stacking up in the inbox for a little while now. We also have a long awaited return of Tom Iovino and a new Tom’s Tips, along with some great conversation about all things woodworking…including the suggestion of a new “Woodworking Improv” show for Marc.


Links mentioned in today’s show:

Marc’s spray finishing tips with Andrew at Ravinheart.com
Vic’s shop tour at Tumblewood.blogspot.com
IWF 2012 Registration
2013 Desert Woodturning Roundup
Evan Fall Studios Woodworks Library
“Smarthead” Shavehorse

What’s on the bench?:

Shannon is working on his Corner Cabinet and Spring Pole Lathe. Matt’s 2012 resolution is finally coming true, and Marc just returned from a teaching trip at the William Ng School and is finishing up his little Step Stool project.

Listener Emails:

Chris Spak asks:

The problem I have is that I don’t have an indoor space to build a workbench and the table that I use to pot plants is just getting destroyed by racking forces. I would like to build a bench, but because of space issues, it will need to stay outside 24/7/365 in south central PA with all of its seasonal extremes. The bench could have a tarp draped over it and there is a smallish overhang near where this would most likely be, but that is about it for cover and shelter. Of the woodworkers that I have talked to about this subject, most don’t have an answer. The only answer that didn’t involve the phrases “that’s a tough one” or “move” involved building a base out of cedar and having a top of white oak. If you have any thoughts of a route I might be able to take, let me know.

Aaron Cashion asks,

I recently installed a 3 speed Rikon air cleaner in my basement. Due to low ceiling height, I screwed it directly into the floor joists. Yes, you can see where this is going. Needless to say the entire first floor shakes when I turn it on. Any suggestions on how to keep it close to the ceiling, and isolate the vibration? I was thinking maybe some rubber strips or some sort of springs. Keep up the good work.


Roberto moved to Illinois! Wants to know what he should keep in mind when building furniture in a humid environment.
Marc recommends he check out the Woodshop Widget!

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Michael Ingram, Umbria Bob, Jeff Branch, Iachan, and Stevetilling.

Just a quick note that our next show will be a special call-in show to celebrate our 100th episode!

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