Wood Talk Online Review Show No. 2

June 4, 2011

Title: Bookcase with Bracket Feet with Phillip C. Lowe
Run Time: 40 minutes
Production Date: 2010
Produced By: Taunton Press
Price: $29.99 (Buy Now)
Marc’s Score: 2.4 Grape Sodas out of 5
Matt”s Score: 2.7 Grape Sodas out of 5

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From the Back of the Case:

“Join award-winning woodworker and teacher Philip C. Lowe in this video workshop. Watch as he guides you through the critical steps and demonstrates the techniques needed to build this elegant bookcase with bracket feed – or with ogee feet, if you prefer. Follow along as he constructs a sturdy case and face frames, cuts curves with a bandsaw, edges plywood, shapes moldings, glues up, and adds masterful finishing touches. Includes digital SketchUp plan. Great for intermediate and advanced woodworkers.”

Our Thoughts:

Matt: “When it comes down to it. Phil Lowe is an experienced, master craftsman who understands design and construction and in this DVD he demonstrates it well. Overall, based on the description of the DVD case, I felt the vast majority of the topics were discussed and it lives up to what I expected to see. This is a title in which the person who’s purchasing it will definitely be learning something from it, because if they don’t, they’re obviously not watching.”

Marc: Phil Lowe is an accomplished craftsman and its a pleasure watching him build a project in his shop, but the aggressive pacing makes it difficult to keep up. The editor tried to cram so much action into the voiceovers that its difficult to appreciate the actual woodworking that’s being performed. All this comes at the expense of details and overall comprehension. That said, an intermediate to advanced woodworker should be able to reproduce this project easily but with two caveats: they don’t mind pausing and rewinding frequently, and they actually want to build the project in the video, and not the one pictured on/in the case.

The Breakdown:

Entertainment Value: Marc 2.5/5 | Matt 2.5/5
Production Quality: Marc 2/5 | Matt 3/5
Information Quality: Marc 3/5 | Matt 3/5
Overall Value: Marc 3/5 | Matt 3/5
Keeps Its Promise: Marc 1/5 | Matt 2/5
Final Score: Marc 2.4/5 | Matt 2.7/5

Want a Chance to Win This DVD?

Simply head on over to the Wood Talk Online Forum and leave a post in the thread for this review and simply post a picture of a bookcase you built previously, or one you would really like to build.

And congratulations to last show’s winners, SDWoodworker and SunshineGerl, who both won a copy of 12 Great Tablesaw Jigs with Jim Heavey.

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