Woodchat featuring…ME!!!

July 24, 2012

Wednesday night on this week’s Woodchat I’ve been invited to join the moderators and to take questions from the woodchat audience. I’m a lot nervous about being in the hot seat, but I know I’ll really enjoy the time there.

If you’d like to join us, it’s really simple. You can follow along with the Woodchat conversation on Twitter by looking for the #woodchat hashtag. The only problem with this method of followingmis that you may miss out on my on-camera antics!

So to get the full experience head over to the Woodchat chat room and hangout by visiting uppercutwoodworks.com/woodchat/chatroom.

It’s all happening at 9:00PM Eastern. The perfect time to wind down the night. Hope to see you there!

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