Wooden molding planes for sale

May 4, 20142 Comments

Recently I found myself in possession of some vintage wooden molding planes. As much as I tell myself I’ll use these on upcoming projects, I know for a fact I won’t.

So rather than taking up precious shelf space and making me feel bad that they could be put to use in someone else’s woodshop I’m putting them up for sale.

I have four planes total. Two are a matched set of hollow and rounds (as far as I can tell according to research online). One is a cavetto and the other is a smaller round.

The planes are being sold “as is” and other than a little boiled linseed oil on the bodies, I haven’t honed the blades or made any attempts to fix the planes (not that I could see any reason too).

The matched pair (won’t separate the set) of hollow and rounds is a Chapin-Stephens No. 22 (1-1/2″ wide blade) SOLD:

The cavetto is a Chapin-Stephens (1-1/8″ wide blade) SOLD:

The single, smaller round is an Ohio Tool hollow (7/8″ wide blade) $25:

The stated price above doesn’t include the shipping and handling charges. We can make arrangements for those when I send you an invoice for payment.

The planes will be sold on a first come first serve. All sales are final and there’s no refunds.

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  1. Brian Biggs says:

    Matt, if the Chapin stephens are still available – I’d like to buy them.

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