Woodworkers 101 from Tools and Machinery

December 16, 2013

Any of you ever visit M&M Tools and Machinery? I just discovered them the other day. While I was perusing their blog I found this post asking WOODWORKING – What Does it Mean to Be a Woodworker?.

To answer the question, they included the following infographic:

Courtesy of: Tools and Machinery

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  1. pretty interesting….except for the age demo I pretty much fit this average description perfectly…..skills being average as well!

    • Matt says:

      And that’s why we all get along so well lol!

      • The one thing that jumped out to me are the “dozens” of sites/blogs dedicated to women. Seems like this is a space that is expanding exponentially with way more than just “dozens” of sites….maybe not exactly “woodworking” but whenever I do a search for anything woodworking related, it seems like there’s at least a handful of DIY/woodworking/power tool blogs aimed at women (the Ana White’s of the world) that pop up in the search results.

        • Matt says:

          It’s an interesting mix. A number of folks come to visit mine and others’ sites because they get a taste for the hobby through the DIYs (especially Ana White).

          Glad to see it expand, it’s very exciting.

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