Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2013

November 9, 2013

I know very few people who haven’t been touched in one way or another by cancer. It’s a horrible disease that doesn’t discriminate due to age, gender or ethnicity.

Woodworkers fighting cancer

Thankfully, in my lifetime we’ve made huge strives in cancer treatment and early detection. It’s safe to say there are numerous forms of the disease that use to be a guaranteed death sentence for our loved ones, but through research and clinical studies we’ve been able to extend their lives long past expected time spans only a decade ago.

And just as important is the fact that those extensions in time are also quality years, an important aspect we sometimes lose sight of in the battle to keep them alive.

The research and clinical studies that have made these extensions a reality are expensive. And as many have found out, they’re typically not covered by traditional healthcare insurance plans.

That’s where organizations like CancerCare come in. CancerCare is a national nonprofit organization that provides free, professional support services to anyone affected by cancer: people with cancer, caregivers, children, loved ones and the bereaved.

To help support organizations like CancerCare it takes generous donations from individuals like us. And in my experience, of all the caring and giving people in the world, Woodworkers have been at the top of the list.

For 2013 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer are building these cute little Child’s Art Easels.

For all the details on how to participate visit www.thewoodwhisperer.com.

There you’ll find links to submit a picture of your art easel, for which Marc will donate $5 for each one submitted by December 9, 2013. There you’ll also find links to download the plan and maybe even purchase kits from the folks at Bell Forest.

The goal is to raise $10,000 this year, something this community of ours can easily do. And if like me you find that you don’t have the time to build along this year please consider making a direct donation to CancerCare by CLICKING HERE, I did it this morning…it’s your turn now.

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