Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2015 Build Along

September 24, 2015

It goes without saying, CANCER SUCKS!

Sadly, just about all of us have been affected by it either directly or indirectly, and if you haven’t yet, statistically you probably will eventually.

Over the last several decades great strides have been made to combat this killer, and as someone who’s adult career at their day-job knows first hand, progress is being made in the field of early detection. In fact, early detection of cancer is actually one of the best indicators of how well someone can survive it.

Unfortunately cancer research isn’t cheap, and as some families already know first-hand, medical insurance doesn’t always cover experimental treatments.

Thankfully there are charitable foundations and organizations raising money to provide research dollars to help find treatments and potential cures for cancer.

To help these charitable groups raise money Marc Spagnuolo started a fundraising event called “Woodworkers Fighting Cancer” back in 2010, and since then they’ve raised over $60,000.

How do they do it? Through a big fundraising campaign with an audience build along at the heart of it.

For 2015 the fundraising goal is $15,000 and they plan to meet or exceed that amount through your help.

2015 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Build Along Project - photo courtesy The Wood Whisperer

2015 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Build Along Project – photo courtesy The Wood Whisperer

The 2015 project is the Kids Table & Chair set. If you’d like to build along you can download the free plans and templates by visiting The Wood Whisperer website at www.woodwhisperer.com.

For each person who builds the project and sends Marc a picture, he’ll personally donate $5 to the charity. And if you’re a YouTuber and you make a video of your build, he’ll donate $10 to the cause, and that’s in addition to the money being matched by some of the charity’s sponsors.

So don’t wait until it’s too late, get building and send them your photos and links here. Deadline is November 30th, 2015.

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