Woodworking in America Bound!!!

September 29, 2010

Hey everyone Woodworking in America 2010 is finally here and I’m heading to Cincinnati to soak up all the woodworking fun and glory one man can handle. Thankfully I’m the size of two men, so that means double the fun for ME!!!

If you’re in the area and have an opportunity to head to the Northern Kentucky Convention Center either on Friday or Saturday I would highly recommend you do. Even though the classes are all sold out there’s still plenty to see and do in the Exhibitors’ Marketplace. To see the whole lineup visit WIA Website for more info and a coupon for $2 off the entry fee.

While you’re visiting the vendors keep your eyes open for some of your favorite woodworking bloggers and podcasters to be walking around the event. There’s so many to list I won’t even try…but you won’t miss us that’s for sure.

One of those bloggers and now podcasters you have to meet with is Adam King. He’ll be there all weekend and he’s offering a little something I think some of you might be pretty interested in checking out. For the price of a single meal with Adam (not a bad price to be honest) you can get a one hour coaching session, dedicated to getting your woodworking business off the ground.

Can’t make it to see Adam in person? Don’t worry about it, he has more info at his website www.woodworkersjourney.com.

One last thing before I go…it’s probably pretty obvious, but this week there’s no new episode coming out. With all my packing and prepping, there just wasn’t time. So I promise next week we’ll be back and up with a new episode. Until then, check back Friday to see if you won schwag this month. If not…there’s always October!!!

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