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April 13, 2015

How’s that old adage about April showers go? “April showers bring May flowers.”

I don’t how that has anything to do with woodworking or what I’m about to share with you, but I imagine taking advantage of one or both of these new collections from Shop Woodworking will probably pay off in the shop somewhere down the road.

Let’s start with something every woodworker needs in their shop, a good solid bench to work from.

everything workbenches

Regardless of whether your a hand tool woodworker or of the power tool variety, a reliable workbench is a necessity.

The folks over at Shop Woodworking want to help make it easier for you to find and build one that works best for your shop. So they put together the “Everything Workbenches Collection for Just $59.99.”

“Every woodworker needs a workbench – and we all know that one style of workbench doesn’t work for every woodworker. In this exclusive collection, we give you the information – and plans – to figure out what YOU need and teach you how to build it.

It doesn’t matter your limitations; limited space, tools , lack of workbench knowledge. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll enjoy two DVDs, one informative book, an online web seminar, and three PDF downloads packed full of useful workbench information to help you build the perfect workbench.”

For more information or to purchase your collection before they’re sold out, click here or on the image above to visit Shop Woodworking.


The other collection is a pre-order for the “Blacksmithing for Woodworkers Collection.” Sure it’s not woodworking in the sense that we ordinarily think of it, but who hasn’t thought of building a forge and making your own tools or hardware?

blacksmithing for woodworker

“Smith your own hardware with this collection of 13 videos and resources! Hand forged hardware can make a huge difference in your woodworking projects.

The Blacksmithing for Woodworkers Collection includes over 6 hours of blacksmithing instruction to get you ready to try making your own nails, tools, and hardware.

When you’re making traditional furniture, don’t settle for store bought materials. You can smith your own metal supplies the old fashioned way.”

For more information or to pre-order this collection, click here or on the image above to visit Shop Woodworking.

As always, your purchases through Shop Woodworking or any of our affiliate programs help to support the show while getting you something you can use in the shop. Thanks for your support!

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