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“How to Build a Guitar in 3 Easy Steps” Infographic from M&M Tool Parts

August 20, 20141 Comment

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but I have ZERO musical talent (ever hear me attempt to “sing” on the show? Not pretty!) The next best thing for me might be making one instead. But where do you start? Looks like the folks over at M&M Tool Parts have been asked […]

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Virtual Tent Sale at Shop Woodworking

August 19, 20140 Comments

Between now and August 27, 2014 you can save up to 75% on purchases at Shop Woodworking. This is a great opportunity to start stocking up for the long cold winter ahead or even to get an early jump on the holidays (yes I said holidays!) Don’t miss out on this chance to get something […]

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Business of podcasting – audio equipment

August 18, 20140 Comments

Before we delve deeper into the topic of podcasting we need to discuss equipment. Depending on the podcast format of your show; video, audio or both, will dictate the equipment you’ll need. Let’s start with a simple audio podcast (I say simple, because as far as I’m concerned they’re the least complex to produce compared […]

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Saw blade 101 with Rockler

August 12, 20140 Comments

Are you ever confused about which saw blade is the right one for your table saw or miter saw? With all the different tooth configurations, hook angles, or thin kerf versus wide it gets confusing right out-of-the-gate. Personally I’m a fan of a 40 tooth combo blade on my table saw and preferably a 60 […]

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Woodworking in America 2014

August 11, 20140 Comments

Woodworking in America is turning 6 this year and to celebrate they’re moving the entire show east to Winston-Salem, North Carolina! Okay, they’re not actually moving because it’s their sixth year, it’s moving because the Winston-Salem area is an amazingly beautiful destination and has a ton of variety to offer attendees. Not familiar with Woodworking […]

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Sawdust and gas appliances, an accident waiting to happen?

August 7, 20149 Comments

Since my workshop is located in the basement it makes sense that I might be a little concerned about the potential for explosions or fires due to the exposure of sawdust, woodchips & shavings to pilot lights from our gas furnace and water heater. But I’m not! Am I being cavalier about the topic?…Maybe. Do […]

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August 6, 20140 Comments

Want a chance to win a $250 gift card at Here’s your opportunity! Between now and September 1, 2014 visit the Toolstoday Facebook page, like the page, and then submit a photo of one of your projects. Rules for entering the contest include the following: Project must of been created using router bits, saw […]

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Shop Woodworking’s August offerings

August 5, 20141 Comment

Every month the folks over at Shop Woodworking offer up some great value packs filled with tons of useful resources on specific projects or woodworking techniques. For the month of August 2014 they’re changing things up a little by offering a chance to get Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s Shop Volume 11 – 20 DVD Collection. Enjoy […]

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Steve Carmichael’s “Whac-A-Woodworker” Whirligig

July 29, 20141 Comment

I’ve heard of “Storage Wars”, “Locker Wars”, “Shipping Wars”, and even “Star Wars!” But “Whirligig Wars” is a new one to me. Actually that’s not true, I have heard of it and I’ve just chosen to pretend it’s fallen on deaf ears because I don’t want to embarrass myself attempting to enter a competition with […]

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