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Chicago Lie-Nielsen Tool Event part 2 “Scott Meek Woodworks”

April 16, 20141 Comment

As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I had a great time at the Lie-Nielsen Tool Event hanging out with Jeff Miller and everyone. But as soon as I walked in the door I made a bee-line right over to the bench where Scott Meek had his hand planes set up and on display. […]

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Chicago Lie-Nielsen Tool Event was AWESOME!

April 14, 20141 Comment

Over the weekend I traveled to Chicago for the Lie-Nielsen Tool Event at Jeff Miller’s studio and had a great time hanging out and chatting with everyone. When I originally posted I was planning to visit for the day I mentioned it had been a few years since my last visit, and man am I […]

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Fans of MBW can save 10% at

April 11, 20140 Comments

The folks at have a great offer for fans of Matt’s Basement Workshop. Save 10% on your first purchase of $50 or more by using CODE: MATTSB10 at checkout. has been a show sponsor for a few months now and if you haven’t visited their online store yet you’ll find a wide assortment […]

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MBW T-Shirts are coming soon a.k.a. “pre-sale”

April 9, 20142 Comments

I’ve always had “Matt’s Basement Workshop T-shirts” for sale, but none that I kept in stock. That’s all about to change, as coming very soon I’m taking the plunge and opening a small store on the website. For now the items will be limited to a couple of t-shirt designs that you can see above. […]

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Chicago bound April 12, 2014

April 7, 20143 Comments

It’s been far too long since my last visit to the annual Lie-Nielsen Tool Event at Jeff Miller’s studio in Chicago so this year I made it a point to mark my calendar and plan to be attendance on Saturday April 12. If you’re not familiar with a Lie-Nielsen Tool Event the best way to […]

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Veneered projects in my future? Maybe…

April 4, 20141 Comment

I remember early in my woodworking experience thinking that working with veneers in a project was somehow like cheating. Of course at the time I had very little understanding of how much solid wood moved and especially no idea of how expensive highly figured and exotic woods could be…in a nutshell, I was pretty naive! […]

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April’s Value Pack “The Essential Videos for Woodworkers”

April 3, 20140 Comments

For the month of April the folks over at Shop Woodworking put together another value pack that I’m confident a lot of woodworkers will be snatching up as soon as they see it, “The Essential Videos for Woodworkers” Value Pack. 15 woodworking videos in all, ranging from topics such as “Building a classic drawer” with […]

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Woodcraft introduces SPLINTER!

April 1, 20141 Comment

Now this is a techie product woodworkers can get behind…literally!!! For more information on this cutting edge tool and so many more, visit by clicking on this link. Save 15%*** Now through April 4, 2014 with Coupon Code: 41414 ***the code is completely legit, save 15% now thru April 4, 2014*** Help support the […]

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“Ham Hands” revisits the scene of the crime part 2

March 27, 20140 Comments

If you’re like I was when the hand tool bug bit, you looked at the premium hand planes and thought “…there’s no way I’m spending that much money for those!” My…how times have changed! And just like me you probably decided to do a little research on “vintage” planes, because you heard they’re a lot […]

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Dear Universe…UNCLE!!!

March 25, 201417 Comments

Some days are better than others, unfortunately none of the past few have been one of them. Truth be told, I’ve had a few moments where I’m wondering what I’m even doing in the shop? Without a doubt we all have these days, some are just so much worse than others. If we’re lucky, the […]

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